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Lazy Sunday began as a collection of beauty, in cozy spaces.

In the mid-90s, when I was still in high school, I flipped through American Photo magazine as often as I could find a copy.

Peter Lindbergh, Patrick Demarchlier, and Herb Ritts were like gods to me and I admired their seemingly effortless ability to take pictures of beautiful people.

In the back pages of Photo, I also remember seeing ads for Richard Kern’s New York Girls.

I couldn’t afford to buy the book until many years later, but I was always excited by Kern’s subjects. The cover of New York Girls featured two gorgeous, uber-hip girls, nearly topless. In those days, Taschen would still publish edgy photography.

Also, when I was still in middle school, I remember being absolutely fixated by FashionTelevision, a Canadian fashion show featuring the most beautiful models in the world.

Those were the days of high fashion royalty, featuring Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, and my 100%, unequivocal all-time favorite, Laetitia Casta. I still flashback to that show whenever Obsessionby Animotion turns up randomly on a playlist or in a club.

The two George Michael music videos Too Funky and Freedom ’90 also made a distinct impression on my still-developing taste.

Fashion photography then was sexy and empowering.

FashionTelevision could get away with occasional, tasteful nudity probably because the show was on cable and from Canada.

90s models were timeless beauties and the photographers were in the business of creating icons.

When I started making enough money to pursue side projects in my free time, I began hiring local models on CraigsList, Model Mayhem, and LA Casting. Los Angeles almost always has an extensive pool of talent.

After working a few times with Alysha Grace Marko, a stunning, curvy model from New Jersey, our second collaboration at my apartment in Venice Beach gave birth to the idea Lazy Sunday. Alysha posed beneath my white bed sheets on the couch and various other places around the tiny, makeshift studio.

I decided shortly thereafter to commit to producing an entire book of Lazy Sunday; beautiful, young models, posing in their own comfy clothes. Men’s button-up shirts, bras, boy shorts, bra-less tshirts, and lacy undies.

In addition to my Venice Beach Studio, one of the primary locations for most of this work was a four thousand square-foot beach house in Pacific Palisades, lent to me by my boss, a tireless entrepreneur and fellow Los Angeles native.

When I saved up enough money to travel, I also hired models in Montréal, Athens, Copenhagen, and Prague. In all, there appear about 30 of the most beautiful young ladies I could find on my own.

These photos were created using a variety of digital, 35mm, and instant film cameras.

Sometimes, I would hire a make-up artist, but usually things came together without enough advanced planning for such extravagances.

Every picture in this book was produced between 2016 and 2018.

I hope you are as excited by this work as I was years ago, when I first began developing an eye for beauty.

I’m currently developing websites for Heaven Sapphire Roquemore and Kendra Rowe.
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